Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Website?

Mobile Apps are native Apps that can be downloaded and installed on your device. Apps are designed to work well on specific mobile platform like iPhone or Android. While Mobile Website is a web site that runs in the mobile browser on your smart phone. Both the native Apps and the Mobile Websites allow you to access your account information, read news, discover local businesses and events, navigate the map. However, if you have an Android 5.0 or higher or iPhone with iOS 11 or higher, we strongly recommend using our native app. Experience is much better, it will offer you a much higher level of satisfaction.

What phones are supported?

Our Mobile Apps are supported on the following platforms:

Is the Mobile App secure?

Yes! All critical information is encrypted and no personal information will become available to third parties without your consent. We only use secured connections over https and SSL protocols. We guarantee your data is stored in a secure location.

How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?

Simply look for showmearound.app.net or showmearound.app.net in the App Store or in the Google Play Market. Or use the buttons "Available on the AppStore" you see on this page. They will link directly to the app in the store on your phone.

Do I have to buy showmearound.app.net Mobile App?

No. showmearound.app.net Mobile App is free to download, install and use.

Can other people really make changes to my showmearound.app.net Business Listing?

Yes, if your business entry is not claimed, anyone can edit it. Once it's claimed, only the account who claimed the business can edit it. Even if it doesn't seem fair to most business owners, anyone can suggest a change or an edit to your business listing, including your competition. These user-generated changes can be made live on your business. This includes changing your physical business location. This is why it is a good idea to claim your business as soon as possible. Once it's claimed, the control is in your hands.

I have some fake reviews about my business on my showmearound.app.net app listing. How can I get them removed?

Are they truly fake reviews or reviews you simply don't like? If they're negative reviews you don't like or don't agree with, showmearound.app.net app probably won't remove them. Read showmearound.app.net's Review Policies to see if the reviews truly violate showmearound.app.net's app policies. If the review does violate the terms and are truly fake reviews, the first thing you should do is politely respond to the reviewer. This lets everyone who sees the negative review know you care enough to at least address the unhappy "customer" head-on. Next, you can log in to your Business Dashboard and flag the review as inappropriate. First, go to the specific review and then click "Flag as Inappropriate." You should receive a response from showmearound.app.net app where you can explain the circumstances as to why the review is fake. Don't use emotions, use facts. Give us as much detail as possible about the situation and why the review is fake and should be removed. Once we receive your feedback based on an analysis of the case we will make a decision if the review is truly inappropriate. If it is, we will remove it.

Can someone else claim my showmearound.app.net Business listing? What if someone else will claim it before me? How can I get access to my business' listing?

As the business owner, you should always have control of your listing. First, reach out to the person listed as Business' Owner, ask what happened and why they claimed it unlawfully. Make sure it was not you logged in under an account you lost or forgot. Try using Forgot Password form to recover access to that account. If you worked with a digital marketing agency, it is possible they may have claimed your business. Agencies should have you claim your business listing and then ask you to make them managers of your listing so this type of thing doesn't happen. If that's not the case take these steps: Click on "..." next to the business' owner name. Select "Dispute Ownership" from the menu. Fill out the form and submit. This will initiate an "Ownership Dispute". The current listing owner has 14 days to respond to your dispute. You can check the status of your disputes by clicking on My Disputes under your Profile menu. If the Dispute is resolved in your favor, Business listing will be transferred to your account.